Dental Fillings


A dental filling is a restorative material used to restore the function, integrity and shape of missing natural tooth. The structural loss typically results from tooth decay, tooth-wear or trauma.


What are the benefits of composite (white) fillings as compared to traditional amalgam (metal) fillings?

Composite fillings are available in a variety of tooth-coloured shades to match your natural teeth, which many patients find more acceptable than amalgam fillings, which are silver-coloured. Composite fillings produce less stress than amalgam fillings on your teeth. The white filling material is moulded into the desired shape then set hard using a special blue light.


 Dental composite fillings are more resistant to temperature changes than amalgam fillings. Amalgam fillings contract and expand with temperature differences and are more likely to cause cracks or fractures over time. Composite fillings do not conduct heat so effectively, therefore are less likely to cause thermal sensitivity. Greater volumes of natural tooth can be preserved when preparing a tooth for a white filling, and the type of bonding used to cement the filling in place helps to add structural support.

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