Oral cancer - keeping it in check


Oral cancer is on the increase but public awareness of it is not. That’s why November has been designated as mouth cancer action month by the charity the British Dental Health Foundation charity.


Around 5,000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer each year in the UK and around 1,800 people die from the disease. It’s more likely to affect people over 40 years of age, though an increasing number of young people are developing the condition. Around a third of oral cancers are diagnosed in the mouth and a slightly lower proportion on the tongue.


Tobacco and alcohol are linked to approximately 80% of cases. Individually, either substance is a risk factor for oral cancer, but the combined effects of both have a synergistic action thought to result in a 30-fold increased risk of developing mouth cancer. Chewing tobacco, paan, areca nut and gutkha also increase risk.

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Mouth Cancer Screening


Be Mouthaware - Mouth Cancer can affect anyone


Get involved with MCAM 2015 and our exciting Blue Lip Selfie campaign to help raise awareness of mouth cancer


What to look out for ?


Self-examination is a simple and potentially life-saving process.

Mouth cancer can have many different symptoms, so look out for:


  • A mouth ulcer that doesn’t heal within three weeks

  • Red or white patches in the mouth or throat

  • Unusual lumps or swellings

  • Pain or difficulty swallowing

  • Teeth that become loose for no obvious reason

  • Bleeding or numbness within the mouth

  • Vocal changes


If you have noticed any of the above make an appointment as soon as possible. Visit us regularly and we will always check for signs of mouth cancer as part of your routine six-monthly examination.

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Every year around 25 million adults see a dentist for routine examination.  This provides a valuable opportunity to initiate discussions about changing your lifestyle; for example, getting advice on how to stop smoking, reducing alcohol consumption and the benefits of good nutrition.


We don't "just check for cavities".

Every full exam also includes screening for mouth cancer,

gum disease & TMJ disorders.


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